How to write love notes for your loved ones to find and read

“I LOVE YOU”, we often tell this three words to our loved ones all the time. Another way in which you can profess your love for them is through the use of notes. This notes can also be left behind at specific places throughout the day for your loved one to find and read. The notes not only makes them feel special, it surprises them. Imagine looking through your bag on a tiring day to find a cute note hiding there from your significant other. It will immediately lighten your mood.

The notes do not have to be long or well thought of. A simple and short one would be more than sufficient. You can write about the unique characteristics your loved one has and also about how much you miss them and that you can wait to see them soon. You can also include drawings of heart shapes to make it more special. Examples of such texts include, “ Missing you loads baby, can’t wait to hug you when I see you next” and “Serious issue: can’t stop thinking about u. Help me resolve it asap with your kisses”.

The trick would be placing them without your spouse’s knowledge. You should readily craft them beforehand and keep them ready at hand. The note should be placed when they are distracted and not paying attention. I personally prefer placing the notes when they are showering or fast asleep. Pockets, handbags, in between pages of books, the possibilities are endless. For the girls reading this, you can use lipstick to write your love note on the bathroom mirror. Leaving behind your lip imprint on the mirror would be icing on the cake. Go on now and grab the nearest paper you can get your hands on and start writing your appreciation notes for your loved ones.