Are Diamonds the only gemstone that can be used in wedding rings ?

It is a common misconception among people that only diamonds can be used for wedding rings. Well the truth is that any gemstone can be used as long as your significant other is okay with the gemstone. Diamonds are the most used gemstones for wedding rings and engagements. As it is used by a lot of people, couples that are looking for unique rings can look into other gemstones.

Examples of other gemstones that can be used : are ruby, topaz, sapphires, ruby, pearl, opals and aquamarines. The choices are plenty. You can Google the images of each one of them and slowly take your time to decide which one you want to have on your rings. Personally, ruby and sapphires will be a good place to start looking. Some couple wear rings with gemstones that depict their personalities. For example, the red color of ruby and blue color of sapphire can be used. At the end of the day, get a stone that you both wouldn’t mind wearing for the rest of your lives.