Is it a must for our wedding rings to be identical ?

Is it a must for our rings to be exactly the same ? I thought of getting something different for my finance for our upcoming wedding. I wanted his ring to be different to show the contrast in our characters.I was considering getting an engraving on his ring with my name on it and vice versa for my own ring.
Asked by Anonymous.

Hi there Anon. Firstly, congratulations on your upcoming wedding. It really warms my heart to know that you have found Mr. Right. To answer your question now, there is no written rule that wedding rings must be in identical in nature.
There is no evidence in terms of religions and traditions to show that wedding rings have to be identical. With that said, you can now explore the different ways to make your wedding rings unique for each other.Some ways will include specialized engravings of important details. The date of proposal can be engraved inside of the ring. The nickname you have for your significant other can also be written inside of the ring. Initials, date of weddings, date of first kiss etc. can all be engraved into the ring. Special common phrases can also be engraved. Examples of such phrases will include “The Love of my Life”,”Love Lasts Forever” etc. As a result ,Think wisely before you choose what you would like to engrave. You will be wearing that ring for the rest of your married life !!!