Will you be my beloved husband ?

My boyfriend and i have been dating for the past 5 years. I am 26 this year and he is 28. Our careers have been going stabilized and my boyfriend is getting promoted next month to a senior position. I have been hinting at marriage for quite some time to him. He also wants to get married before he turns 30. I was using his laptop the other day and found out that he has been shopping for rings from his browsing history. He also has made searches for wedding venues and honeymoon locations around the world. Though I know he is planning for the wedding, is it okay if I propose to him first ? The anxiety from the wait has been tormenting me. I can’t wait any longer !!! The nervousness is just too much.
Asked by MrsNervous1717.

Hiya there MrsNervous1717,firstly, congrats on you for finding Mr. Right. Few people have the luxury of being able to say that now days. I feel happy for you and your relationship of 5 years. Its good to know that your boyfriend is keen on getting married soon. And now to answer your question, there is absolutely nothing wrong with proposing as a woman. Though it’s not common, it’s completely fine to ask his hand in for marriage. You might want to keep two things in mind if you choose to purpose first though. The two things that are likely to happen. Number one would be not allowing him to have a chance to carry out whatever surprise he might have planned for you. Come on, you know he has already been planning for it from his Google searches. He might have an elaborate surprise that might already be in its works. You wouldn’t want to ruin his plans and his special moment. Second thing to keep in mind would be not being sure if he is really willing to commit to you. Though his Google searches and all might be pointing towards marriage, you will never know what he is really thinking deep down. He might have other issues that he would like to clear up before popping the big question. At the end of the day, you know your boyfriend best. If you think he is going to propose soon, you should try waiting a little longer. Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet. If you feel he has no reason to say no, by all means go ahead and ask him to be your beloved husband.