The Touch of L♥VE – Oxytocin and touch

Touch of Love

A simple touch might seem like nothing,but it goes a long way in strengthening the marriage.Among their busy schedule , couples often tend to forget to spend time with their S/O.The usual dinner and the catching up on TV after a long day and heading off to bed.There are rarely opportunities to show each other the love and affection.Simple touches to each other throughout the day can have a positive impact on the whole relationship.
Research over time shows that touching more creates a stronger bond between couples by releasing Oxytocin. It is the hormone responsible for bonding between couples.It helps to alleviate stress and make people generally feel better about themselves.All of this benefits can be reaped by just touching your loved one !!! Isn’t that simply amazing ? There are plenty of ways in which you can elicit the release of Oxytocin. The three most commons ways are listed below.

1.Holding hands and giving it a light squeeze will go a step further and show your spouse how much you cherish them.Intertwining of fingers instead of the usual way of holding also helps.

2.Hugs and kisses that last a little longer.Kiss and hug like its the last time.Hug and hold your spouses tightly as if its the last time.Hug them like a couple finally reuniting at the of a Hollywood film.Kiss them good and hold them close while doing it.

3.Shoulder rubs and massages to help them relax after a long day of work.Imagine coming home to a pair of hands that really know how to massage.There are plenty of videos on YouTube that teach proper massage techniques.You can learn from them and surprise your spouse the next time he or she asks for a massage.Add scented candles into the mix and you will have the complete relaxation package.

Enjoy showing them how much you love them !!!