I’m not in the Mood, let’s talk some other time

Every single time. He’s never “in the mood” even if I’m crying and telling him I’m not okay and need him. Told him that I can’t keep waiting for him to decide if he wants to stay and hat we need to talk NOW because he can’t keep putting it off and got the usual “I’m not in the mood”. I don’t understand why my feelings never are important enough.
I should mention after issues due to his drinking then getting sober, he said he’d give it a month before deciding if this was worth it. A month ended over a week ago and nothing. He refuses to talk about where we’re headed because he’s never ‘in the mood’. I’m wondering why he married someone he likes only “sometimes” and why the hell I still love someone who is so unkind.
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There are many women around the world that are stuck in the situation you are currently in dear.Fret not , I will offer the advice you need to the best of my abilities.Have you considered why is he acting in this way ? Are there others aspects of his life that has been causing him problems ? Work related issues ? Has he been stressed recently due to the passing of a family member ? There are various reasons on why he could be acting the way he is.From what you have written , it is understood that he recently had decided to go alcohol.Him not having the mood to talk to you could be from the alcohol withdrawals he is undergoing.I would suggest you giving him 1 to 2 more months before trying to engage him again.Alcohol withdrawal is real and the issues range from mild anxiety to moodiness.Try talking to him again then when you feel he seems to be better.If it still doesn’t work and he isn’t willing to reciprocate, I would suggest you both heading to a therapist to find out what is wrong before things become worse between you guys.